Tax Controversy Issues

Tax problems are some of the most frustrating and stressful issues a person can endure throughout life. The United States tax code is very complicated, and many companies employ teams of attorneys in order to maximize tax savings.

Unfortunately, many individuals cannot afford to take this measure of action, and thus must struggle to understand any tax controversies that may arise, or suffer the consequences of failure.

An intelligent, knowledgeable tax lawyer from WealthPLAN, PC, is your best weapon when facing down tax controversies, and this option comes highly recommended by anyone who has experienced it.

There are a wide variety of difficult tax controversy issues that may arise including IRS concerns over income tax collection, payroll tax, tax court cases, tax liens and garnishment, property seizure, back taxes, IRS appeals, IRS estate tax examinations and audits and many, many others. It is highly recommended to consult the expert advice of an attorney in these important matters, because tax laws can be extremely complicated and selecting the right attorney who understands tax law will be ideal.

Initiating any tax controversy process without a skilled legal professional will most certainly end in failure, and can have devastating effects on one’s financial life.

Effective Tax Controversy Representation

WealthPLAN, PC, has a deep understanding of United States tax law and has worked both with and against the IRS to help resolve many different tax controversy issues for clients throughout San Jose. Our firm provides comprehensive tax controversy representation before the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, County Assessment Appeals Board, and Employment Development Division.

Since 1996, WealthPLAN, PC, has provided top-shelf advice, support, services and even representation to those who are involved in simple tax controversy issues, or matters as serious as tax litigation. Our firm will conduct the research necessary to become familiar with your situation and has many resources available to resolve your concerns in as little time as possible.

Contact a knowledgeable lawyer if you have a tax controversy issue and need assistance in finding a resolution. Call 408-918-9030