What Is Durable Power Of Attorney For Property?

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to transfer the authority to make legal decisions to another person. A durable power of attorney means that the person you transferred authority to retains that authority in the event you become unable to make competent decisions. Durable power of attorney for property gives the person to whom you transferred authority the ability to make decisions regarding the administration of any property you own.

Durable power of attorney for property documents, or DPAPs, often require the outlining of very specific powers transferred for example you may not wish to allow another person to sell your property but you may give them authority to carry out any necessary maintenance. These matters are very complex and demand the attention of a seasoned and skillful San Jose estate planning attorney to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Giving another person durable power of attorney for property can leave you in a vulnerable position as it is possible that your trust might be abused. The courts do not actively supervise the manner in which your DPAP is being handled. On the other hand, a DPAP in the hands of someone you can trust and rely on can ease your responsibilities and allow you to focus on more personal matters.

At WealthPLAN, PC, we understand the pros and cons of durable power of attorney for property and will make sure that you are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities so that you can determine if this type of legal document works for you.

Protecting Your Estate

Our team at WealthPLAN, PC, appreciates the fact that you have worked hard all of your life. You need a firm that you can trust and will work just as hard for you to protect you, your family and your property. Our firm’s knowledgeable team of professionals will thoroughly evaluate your situation and attentively listen to your objectives. We will work with you and recommend optimal solutions to suit your needs and wishes. A durable power of attorney for property may be an option. Our team at WealthPLAN, PC, is well-versed in the creation of these complex legal documents and may be able to help you successfully develop a plan that protects both you and your estate.

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