Estate & Gift Tax Planning

Estate and gift tax planning is one of the most important issues for any individual who has assets, especially those who have significant assets, or participate in gifting as a means to lower overall estate value and the estate taxes that inevitably follow.

Estate and gift tax planning strategies are generally utilized by individuals to maintain control over assets, protection from loss of assets and maximized tax savings. Navigating the estate and gift tax laws can be complicated, however, and so it is important to enlist the services of an adept estate planning lawyer who is familiar with the process.

Finding The Right Estate Planning Attorney

A good estate planning attorney can work closely with you or your accountant to identify all opportunities for increased tax savings, and can also examine the value of your estate in order to make sure that the estate taxes associated with your assets are not unreasonably high. An expert estate planning attorney can also organize and prepare correct gift tax returns which may include gifts of cash, property, investments and more.

These are both very important issues. If the skills of an experienced legal professional are not utilized, substantial sums of money may be lost in terms of gift and estate taxes due. Moreover, gift tax examinations and audits may also be an increased risk and can have devastating consequences.

WealthPLAN, PC, has a deep understanding of tax laws as they apply to estate and gifting, and has helped many clients since 1996 to maximize their tax savings. Our firm can provide invaluable insight in terms of opportunities to maximize tax savings, and can also organize any returns or documentation that relates to estate or gifting matters. We regularly provide useful advice to our clients and can be a trusted representative for your estate when needed.

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