What Are Self-Canceling Installment Notes?

When an individual makes the decision to do estate planning or advanced estate planning, there are many different legal options and tools available to help them protect both their assets and their estate. One of those tools is the self-canceling installment note (SCIN). A SCIN is an installment sale wherein the buyer, usually a family member, purchases business interests, stocks, real estate or other assets, in installments rather than paying in full.

The seller then receives an installment note, typically written for a shorter term than the life expectancy of the seller. The purpose of the installment sale is to partially delay capital gains until later taxation years. In simple terms, a SCIN has all the attributes and benefits connected with an installment sale, with an extra benefit that the note and any remaining balance owed are cancelled upon the death of the seller.

The main objectives surrounding a SCIN are to avoid any gift tax on the transfer and to exclude any unpaid balance on the note from the seller’s estate, after they die. This means the seller’s taxes will be reduced while at the same time more money will be available for their beneficiaries.

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