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San Jose Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Plans, Trusts, Succession Planning, Wills, Probate and Other Estate Planning

We at WealthPLAN are a law firm that provides the highest quality, personal legal services to individuals, families and business owners that are interested in ensuring their affairs are properly arranged for the future with regard to wealth preservation. We offer counsel in all aspects of estate planning. We are very experienced in complex legal issues regarding business & succession planning, as well as providing legal representation that is has exceptional knowledge and experience in protecting the assets of corporations (C-Corp/S-Corp), limited liability companies (LLC), and partnerships & limited partnerships.

Estate Planning Lawyer in San Jose

In estate planning, the quality and experience of your San Jose estate planning attorney is extremely important. We have served our individual and business clients for over 15 years with accomplished skill in all areas of estate planning. How your matter is arranged and managed has a significant impact on tax liabilities as well as other critical issues. We have assembled a group of experienced, high energy, client-focused legal professionals that will provide you with exceptional knowledge and commitment to get your estate planning arranged with a focus on the protection of your assets and their future distribution. Wealth transfer should be carefully managed to help you avoid financial exposure, costs and legal challenges as much as possible, with smart and timely choices based on current law.

We can assist in all types of planning, including revocable living trusts, wills, durable power of attorney for property, advanced health care directives/living wills, irrevocable trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs), intentionally defective irrevocable trusts (IDITs/IDGTs), self-cancelling installment notes (SCINs), special needs trusts, irrevocable charitable trusts (CRATs/CRUTs/CLATs/CLUTs) as well as other necessary financial arrangements for asset protection. We can assist you in matters regarding gifting, income, estate & gift tax planning, and are fully up-to-date on all current available opportunities in this regard. If you are facing a legal matter with regard to trust litigation, probate administration, intestate succession or non-probate transfers, or need qualified legal representation in trust administration or probate litigation, we have the experience, both in negotiations and in court that is truly necessary in these complex financial issues.

We also provide legal representation for conservatorships, guardianships, represent clients in cases elder abuse when an estate is involved, as well as difficult and complex IRS examinations and audits, including estate tax examination and audits, gift tax examination and audits and any other financial, tax issues or legal challenges that can arise. When you need true legal expertise, our firm has garnered a reputation for exceptional knowledge in estate planning and client-care. We are frequently called upon by accountants, insurance agents and asset management professionals to assist in arranging complex estate planning matters for the greatest benefit of the client. Each case demands a full evaluation to determine what will meet your specific needs. We are committed to family wealth preservation and are very familiar with the most complex financial matters and advanced estate planning. Securing your family legacy and ensuring that your wishes are complied with demands skilled legal counsel from our firm.

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