2 reasons you need an advance health care directive

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The process of estate planning can feel morbid, especially if you spend much time reflecting on the worst possibilities in life. However, it is necessary to do so to create the most effective estate plan.

You can’t protect your children properly if you don’t think about what might happen if you die when they are still young. You also cannot protect yourself properly if you fail to think about what life may bring as you grow older. You never know when you might have a stroke, get diagnosed with cancer or end up involved in some horrific Industrial accident.

There may be scenarios in which you require medical care but cannot communicate to medical professionals on your own behalf. An advance healthcare directive can protect you in two distinct ways in that situation.

Your directive makes your wishes clear

People used to call advance health care directives living wills. These documents provide an in-depth explanation of your preferences on multiple medical topics. Typically, life support and other extraordinary medical interventions are the focus of advanced directives.

People may provide clear instructions regarding blood transfusions, feeding tubes, resuscitation and pain management. Especially when you have serious health issues that affect your medical preferences or you have wishes based on your religious beliefs, it will be of the utmost importance that you provide instructions to others about your preferences if they deviate from the current standard practices.

Your directive will take the pressure off of your family

In a scenario where you are left in a coma or struggling on life support, it is natural to worry about the impact of your medical condition on the people that you love the most. Your spouse, children and parents will already be under intense emotional pressure because of your medical issues.

If they have to struggle to make medical choices on your behalf, the situation can become that much more difficult for them. You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones won’t need to suffer needlessly and you will not undergo the wrong kind of medical care if you create advance healthcare directives before anything happens to you.

Adding the right paperwork to your California estate plan will help you feel more comfortable and confident going about your daily life because you will be protected no matter what happens.