Is it wise to draft your own will? 

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Estate planning can feel daunting for many people. After all, nobody relishes the prospect of thinking about their own death. However, there is so much more to estate planning than this. It can be used to make your life much more enjoyable while you’re still around. 

Some individuals opt to try and draft a will on their own as part of their estate plan. This is perfectly legal in the state of California. But is it wise to draft your own will

Do you understand the legalities? 

Typically, an individual who aims to draft their own will downloads a template online. Online templates can vary in quality but they tend to be rather generic in both their content and language. You’re not guaranteed to find a template that includes the relevant legal language of your state. The result could be that your will is deemed invalid or does not perform as you intended it to do.

People tend to have general desires such as looking after their children and family. However, all family dynamics are different and your will must be specifically tailored to your needs. This also means that a will needs to be flexible. If there is a death in the family then your will may need to be adjusted. The same can be said if you and your partner have a child together. 

A DIY will is not worth the risk 

A DIY will could end up costing you more in the long run – and it could be a nightmare for your heirs. Seeking legal guidance gives you a much better chance of getting something drafted that is legally watertight and flexible at the same time.