Estate planning changes lives

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Estate Planning |

If you’ve been finding it difficult to be motivated enough to start your estate planning, think of this way: It can change lives. It’s not your own life that you’re thinking about, but those of your loved ones. This is your chance to do something dramatic for them. 

For instance, maybe you have a grandchild who may find it hard to pay for college. Tuition is only trending up. Not everyone can afford it. You can set up an educational trust to ensure they have the money they need. Not only that, but doing this demonstrates to them how important you think college is by limiting the ways they can use the money. This could be a defining time in their life. 

Or, maybe you’re worried about the negative impacts your passing could have on your heirs. Perhaps you worry that they will argue about how to divide the assets or what to do with something like a family home, that one person wants to keep and another wants to sell. By creating an estate plan, you make those choices for them. Whether or not they agree with what you decide, making the choices in advance means that at least your heirs will not fight with one another. You can help to preserve their relationships for years into the future. 

Estate planning really can change people’s lives. Do not underestimate how impactful this may be. Take to time to look into all of the legal options you have at your disposal so that you can create the type of plan that works best for your family.