Does your executor need to be a family member?

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As a resident of California, you work hard on your estate. You build up assets throughout your life. You want to ensure that it gets passed on properly to your family and loved ones. To ensure this, you need a good estate executor. 

But what makes an executor good? You may want to turn to your family to look for one. But is a family member always the best choice? 

Is a family member the best fit?

HuffPost discusses the importance of choosing the right executor. Often, a family member seems like they will fit the bill. This is because one important aspect of an executor is your ability to trust them. You should also see eye-to-eye on important life matters. The person you choose will handle your estate. You want to make sure you are both on the same page, especially when it comes to important information. 

You know your family members well. You know if your views align. If you have disagreements, you likely also have experience working through them. You are familiar with their capabilities. You can trust them. 

The professional you need

But an executor also needs to have professional skills. For example, they should have strong organizational and social skills. They need to communicate with other people in a situation where emotions will run high. It helps if your executor can deescalate situations. It also helps if they have had experience on similar projects before. They must handle the responsibility of overseeing an estate through probate. This is a lengthy process, so they should prepare for years of work. 

Unfortunately, not every beloved and trusted family member can take on this task. You must examine your choice carefully before making your decision.