Francis B. Doyle (San Jose, California)

This page is dedicated to the memory of our leader and friend, Francis “Frank” B. Doyle, who passed away on September 15, 2017 after a difficult and courageous battle with stomach cancer. Our goal is to share Frank’s life and work with his friends, family and clients.

I believe that his work and his words speak for themselves in conveying what kind of man he was. Perhaps the most unique thing about him was his ability to connect with people, young and old, on matters that interested them, by sharing news, ideas, thoughts, and encouraging dialogue. Despite a constant busy schedule filled with client meetings which he loved and the complex planning work associated with his passion for helping people; his teaching career, his estate planning programs, his speaking engagements and his numerous community endeavors, he always had time, made time, and shared time with vigor and enthusiasm.

The immensity of what we have lost strikes us as exceptionally difficult to overcome. A leader who is truly irreplaceable. He enriched our lives with his guidance, advice and love. His actions and words have made a lasting impression on many, and the comfort we try to focus on going forward is the satisfaction of knowing who he was and what was important to him, and in living life in a way that may best honor his memory.

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