Estate Tax Examination and Audits

When does an estate tax examination or audit occur?

An estate tax examination or audit may be conducted by the Internal Revenue Service if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that inaccuracies may exist in terms of tax paid on an estate, taxes owed on an estate, the value of an estate with regard to taxes, and many other tax controversy matters. If an investigation confirms the legitimacy of these inaccuracies, then the liable party may be held responsible for additional taxes and penalties as deemed appropriate by the IRS. It is critical to have the support of an experienced San Jose estate planning lawyer available to you in these situations to provide the best possible defense against any penalties that may be imposed.

The necessity for organization is absolute in cases of an IRS examination or audit that will require in-depth research of the estate's financial status. Failure to establish an acceptable level of organization may result in delays or substantial penalties in terms of taxes owed, or additional financial penalties if violations are found. IRS audits against matters regarding estate tax can be difficult to overcome without the assistance of a qualified professional, and individuals are highly discouraged from undergoing the process alone.

Estate Tax Examination and Audit Support in San Jose

WealthPLAN, PC has nearly 30 years of experience in assisting those involved in estate tax examination and audit issues throughout San Jose. They have been able to achieve positive results through their organized, educated approach. The firm focuses on working with you, the client, to learn as much as possible about your estate tax situation. They will use their knowledge of estate tax law to defend you from the adverse effects resulting from a violation. They cannot guarantee success, but the firm has a long-standing record of success with the IRS and they can greatly increase your chances of achieving a positive outcome.

Contact a San Jose estate planning attorney if you are undergoing an estate tax examination or audit and need strong, confident representation.

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