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When is probate litigation necessary?

Probate administration is known as the legal process by which a will is legally recognized, interpreted by the surrogate court, and then executed appropriately by the official executor of the will. The presence of a will is not required to undergo probate litigation, as the distribution of a person's assets may still undergo probate upon death. Probate litigation occurs during probate administration when one party has any conflicts with the process such as dispute of the legitimacy of the will, questions about the value of an asset, tax issues, matters associated with the operation of a business that was fully or part-owned by the deceased, and many others.

While there are alternative ways of resolving these disputes without court, there are still many reasons why probate litigation may ultimately be a favorable option, as in cases where there is sufficient compelling evidence that points to a court victory. In other situations, the parties involved in probate are simply unable to come to a common agreement and thus litigation may be the only option for resolution. An excellent San Jose estate planning lawyer can identify opportunities to help further your overall goals in probate court, and will act on those opportunities in order to achieve a satisfying outcome.

Aggressive Probate Litigation Representation in San Jose

WealthPLAN, PC provides top-quality probate litigation support, services and representation that are focused on getting results. The firm can utilize its resources to fully research your rights to assets including property, vehicles, retirement funds and many others, and determine the likelihood of success in court. They are whole-heartedly in your corner and will aggressively pursue all probate litigation matters in order to fulfill your needs as their client. They believe in your right to pursue the things that are important to you and will fight to see that you get it.

Contact a San Jose probate litigation attorney if you wish to pursue a claim for a loved one's assets in probate and need strong support.

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