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Why is legal guardianship necessary?

Legal guardianship exists as a means to provide minors with an adult who is legally responsible for their legal, financial and other well-being generally in the event of a parents' death. There are a variety of types of guardianship that exist to suit different requirements such as guardianship of a person and guardianship of an estate.

A guardian in a guardianship of an estate is legally responsible for the minor's financial decisions and managing the minor's assets including personal property (cash, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc.) and real property. A guardianship of an estate may be a requirement of the court if the minor receives over $10,000 in assets. Conservatorship is similar to guardianship, but exists to protect adults who can no longer be legally responsible for themselves.

A guardianship may be established in the event of the death of a minor's parents, but many parents elect instead to choose a legal guardian as a legally binding document in order to avoid the possibility of a legal guardian being chosen during probate administration, potentially resulting in the minor or minor's estate being cared for by someone other than a parent's ideal choice. It is critical in fact to determine an appropriate legal guardian as soon as possible in order to avoid worst-case scenarios, and an accomplished San Jose estate planning lawyer can help to meet those needs.

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Establishing guardianship over a minor or a minor's estate is one of the most important decisions that can be made in a child's life. The decisions made regarding care for the child, or for the child's financial well-being will make an impact on their lives that may well change their path.

WealthPLAN, PC understands the delicate nature of guardianships, and supports the right of parents to decide who the rightful guardian of their child's finances should be. The firm has worked since 1996 to provide a peace-of-mind in clients seeking guardianship resolutions that they cannot find elsewhere. They are dedicated to the task of meeting your guardianship needs and will work hard to provide the absolutely highest level of service possible.

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