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Elder law is an area of law that focuses on the legal issues that the senior population faces. Since the population of older citizens is growing, there is more demand for legal professionals who can properly assist these individuals with planning health care, guardianship, retirement, estate, and other matters. It is vital to safeguard your future based on your unique needs and requirements. If you or a loved one needs to obtain counsel from a San Jose elder law attorney, reach out to WealthPLAN, PC for insight backed by 15 years of legal experience.

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Elder law deals with three major factors: estate planning, Medicaid, and guardianship. Estate planning involves the preparation and administration of a will, trust, and other documents. The firm offers effective legal tools that can help you develop plans that protect your best interest and provide peace of mind.

A San Jose elder law attorney can ensure that you are receiving the necessary amount of coverage from Medicare and work with you to ensure that you do not jeopardize your eligibility. The last major factor is guardianship, which focuses on who is granted permission to care for you if you were to become mentally or physically unable to care for yourself.

The firm can also assist you with the following areas:

  • Social security
  • Retirement plans
  • Conservatorship
  • Disability and long-term care
  • Finances and pensions
  • Elder abuse or neglect
  • Discrimination

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WealthPLAN, PC provides compassionate and helpful legal assistance focused on the particular needs involved in elder law matters. They are well apt to handle all cases and are equipped to assist with even the most complex elder law issues.

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