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The Role of Conservatorship

Similar to guardianship, conservatorship is a term that applies to the courts application of an individual to take care of, and be legally responsible for, another adult who is unable to take care of their own legal responsibilities. A conservatorship can be limited to legal responsibilities over the person, the estate or both the person and the estate together. There are other types of conservatorships available as well, and a San Jose estate planning attorney can provide valuable advice on any matters of conservatorship that may arise.

The process of conservatorship begins when a petition is filed with the court that indicates the subject is no longer able to fulfill their own legal responsibilities to self. An investigation may be initiated shortly thereafter which seeks to determine the legitimacy of the petition, the state of the subject and other matters that may play a role in the final conclusion. A conservator has many legal responsibilities to the individual as well as the estate, and must consistently meet those responsibilities in terms of providing accurate details regarding expenses and other matters.

Conservatorship Services in San Jose

Conservatorship can be a confusing process for those who are not professionally acquainted with it. WealthPLAN, PC has nearly 30 years of experience assisting clients through the conservatorship process, and can provide valuable insight into the process, as well as services that can organize your pursuit of conservatorship to have the best possible chance at acceptance. The firm can also provide expert representation in matters of contested conservatorships and conservatorship litigation. They take your needs very seriously. They understand how important it is to establish a conservatorship in certain situations and will work hard to see that your case goes as smoothly as quickly as possible.

Contact a San Jose conservatorship attorney if you are interested in becoming the conservator for an adult who can no longer fulfill the legal responsibilities to themselves and would like assistance.

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