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Should I Have My Assets Protected?

Asset protection is a term that refers to the variety of methods a person may utilize in order to rearrange ownership of an asset so that it cannot be acquired by another in the event of a lawsuit. Asset planning exists to protect individuals from losing their valuable assets to frivolous lawsuits, and other claims against the possessions of another. Those who do not have an adequate asset protection plan are at a much higher risk of losing everything in the event of a lawsuit where the plaintiff is able to win a substantial share of another's assets.

Asset protection can effectively hide one or many assets from anyone who might seek to claim ownership over them. Common assets that can be protected include retirement funds, home equity, home furniture, jewelry and much more. Some items are exemptions can never be taken in a lawsuit, while measures must be taken to protect others. When protecting valuable property or other assets, it may be a good idea to speak with a San Jose estate planning lawyer who can help transfer ownership completely.

Asset Protection Services in San Jose

Asset protection is one of the smartest plans for protecting yourself and your assets from unexpected or unjust claims to your wealth. WealthPLAN, PC believes in the right of all Americans to protect themselves and their assets from creditors or anyone who else who may seek to make a claim. The firm takes their task very serious and can establish creative and effective ways to protect a wide variety of assets from those who would try to take them from you. Since 1996, WealthPLAN, PC has worked hard to provide the best estate planning and asset protection services for many clients, and they will continue to explore better ways to protect your wealth.

Contact a San Jose asset protection lawyer if you have a need to protect any of your assets from creditors, family members and others.

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