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  • Gifting: Good for You and Others

    || 23-Nov-2015

    When you are drafting your estate plan, what better way is there to show your appreciation for someone than giving them a gift ? In some cases, the gifts you give away towards the end of your life may be the saving grace a loved one has needed for quite some time. But the benefits are not only for those you are gifting to, but also for yourself. When an estate is over a particular value in ...
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  • Estate Planning & Blended Families

    || 12-Jan-2015

    With the divorce rates as high as they are, there is a good chance that you or someone you know is a part of a blended family. According to Pew Research, 42 percent of adults are in some kind of a step-relationship, which amounts to 95.5 million people. For millions of divorced, widowed, and remarried Americans, estate planning is more complicated. When you are in a blended family situation, there ...
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  • California Last Will & Testament

    || 29-Dec-2014

    What is a last will and testament? Your last will and testament, otherwise known as a will is a legal document where you give specific instructions that are to be carried out after your death. For example, you can direct the distribution of your furnishings and prized collections, and you can name guardians for your minor children. You may change your will at any time during your life, however, it ...
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  • When Should I Change My Beneficiary?

    || 15-Dec-2014

    As estate planning attorneys, we know that beneficiary designations play a key role in the estate planning process. A beneficiary is a person or a legal entity who is entitled to receive proceeds from a trust, retirement account, life insurance policy, transfer on death account, or an estate. A beneficiary can be one or more individuals or organizations, such as a church or charity. Beneficiary ...
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  • The Importance of Tax Planning

    || 1-Dec-2014

    "Tax planning" is a commonly used term, but it is not well understood. Tax planning is the fine art of arranging your affairs in ways that would postpone or avoid taxes altogether. When you employ effective tax planning strategies, you have more money to save or invest, or both. In other terms, tax planning means either deferring or avoiding taxes by taking full advantage of the ...
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  • Distinguished San Jose Estate Planning Lawyers

    || 2-Oct-2013

    At our firm, Attorney Frank Doyle is certified by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law and Taxation Law. This is a significant achievement that few in our field have obtained. A further sign of our legal skill is the professional recognition that we have received. Attorney Frank Doyle was included on the California Super Lawyers® ...
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  • For more than 15 years our law firm, WealthPLAN, PC, has been providing sound legal advice and high-quality representation to help clients take proper measures to protect their assets and preserve their wealth. Our area of practice involves all aspects of estate planning from living trusts to advanced care directives to business planning and more. When a client contacts our firm we take the time ...
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  • Learn More About Your San Jose Estate Planning Attorneys

    || 19-Dec-2012

    Estate Planning is an essential part of life whether you are a single person, a parent, or a business owner; this process will help ensure that your wealth is properly preserved and dispersed in the future. No matter what phase of life you are in, contact a trusted San Jose estate planning attorney at WealthPLAN, PC to begin the process and to protect the future of your estate! At our firm we are ...
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  • Gift and Estate Tax Planning Opportunities Set to Expire 12/31/2012

    || 22-May-2012

    We are now in the final year of the historically high federal estate tax exemption amount of $5,000,000. Unfortunately, under the current law, on January 1, 2013, the exemption amount will fall to $1,000,000. It is anticipated that Congress may act this year to change the exemption amount to perhaps $3,500,000. But as we have seen before, it is impossible to predict what, if anything, Congress ...
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